The Caves of Chaos

Session 09

With some measure of success achieved, the party took their new charges as they searched the Bleeding Knees’ former home for their confiscated possessions and any other valuables they could find.

As they did this, the party questioned Finn and the others on how they had come to be prisoners and what they knew of their captors, their intentions, or the nature of the evil that suffused the cave networks.

The rescued Finn and Anara Meridian, as well as their elven bodyguards Shara and Vindil and Maccarn the dwarf voiced objection to being dragged about a dank orc cave when they were so weak and malnourished from their recent imprisonment. These objections were only heightened when they saw how their rescuers treated the other captives that had been released with Finn and his retinue: a pair of kobolds and a goblin. Upon seeing [[:big kev]] interrogate, torture and kill these feeble, captive creatures with his bare hands, Finn and Anara especially felt that perhaps a return to Freeside and civilisation was in order.

The adventurers refused, going so far as to magically silence Anara’s objections (courtesy of Ruellen), and physically knock her unconscious. Deciding that physically assaulting a severely malnourished woman was about all they could stand of their rescuers ‘altruism’, Finn gathered his retinue and left, setting out for Freeside on their own.

Their charges gone, their valuables located and the orc cave looted, the adventurers decided it was time to root out the evil of the caves once and for all. They found their way to the Lair of Evil and were immediately struck by its otherworldly nature; a deep crimson ore comprised the majority of the cave walls, with black veins running through it and delicate pavers lining the ground. Ruellen identified the work as that of the Venetian Stonemasons of the West Meashmarsh Region.

The party delved into the cave, heading south. They had not gone far before their progress attracted a group of zombies.

XP Gained
x8 zombies – 1000



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