The Caves of Chaos

Session 08

The showdown commences. The party convinced the bugbears to return to their cave to debrief and consider their next move. During that period Allard and his sneaky bugbear buddy were sent to reconnoitre the Bleeding Knees’ cave. While they found evidence of the archers who shot Ugslag, they saw no actual orcs at all. Unwilling to go inside the cave proper, they returned to the bugbear cave.

En route, they noticed, and were noticed by, a veritable army of orcs gathering in the scrubland just outside the now-empty [[Kobold Cave]. The orcs gave chase; Allard and the bugbear made it back to their companions with just seconds to spare. The party and the bugbears took defensive positions and met the orcs as they came.

Three waves of orcs beset the defenders, but they were effectively repelled each time with minimal casualties, due largely to the superior ground occupied by the defenders, and also to the fact that the orcs attacked with only melee weapons and so were severely weakened by ranged attacks by the time they actually reached the bugbear cave entrance. A final wave of elite orcs, led by Ogfang the Gutted himself, charged in from the east and were met in force by [[:Big Kev]], Ruellen, and a party of bugbears.

When the smoke finally cleared, the orcs had been defeated; almost fifty of their corpses littered the slope leading to the bugbear cave. The bugbears, victorious, set about collecting what they could from the corpses and the party were given their promised reward: a captive goblin, two kobolds, a pair of elven bodyguards, a dwarf and the humans Finn and Anara Meridian.

XP Gained
x30 orcs – 3750
x10 elite orcs – 2000
x1 orc chief (Ogfang) – 250



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