The Caves of Chaos

Session 06

Party rested and claimed the treasure from the minotaur’s cave, though not before Allard set off the trap on the largest chest in the minotaur’s room, resulting in the walls of the entire cave complex moving. The party struggled to escape the cave, and finally did when they stumbled across the secret entrance to lair of Gat’d, the bugbear chieftain, fighting their way through a nest of fire beetles in the process.

After successfully convincing Gat’d they were not weak – by means of Big Kev defeating him in fisticuffs – the party were shown around the bugbear cave. Gat’d revealed his desire to be made human and showed off the military prowess of the bugbears and the spoils they had gained – the capture of three goblinoids and the humans Finn and Anara Meridian and their travelling companions. Though the bugbears had every intention of eating these ‘weak ones’, the party successfully negotiated the prisoners’ release, on condition that they would assist the bugbears in defeating the orcs of the Bleeding Knees and Severed Heads tribes.

XP Gained
x5 fire beetles – 500
NPC interaction -



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