The Caves of Chaos

Session 05

Party confronts kobold chief and his five lackeys in his lair. One of the kobolds throws powder in the fire-pit, filling the room with smoke (unable to see >10ft ahead, 50% chance to hit). In the confusion, kobolds threw a dirty blanket over Big Kev and hit him while he was unable to retaliate. Kobold chief also called reinforcements from the common room. Party barred the door, preventing their entry, defeated the chief and his lackeys, then killing the kobolds on the other side of the door.

The returned to the minotaur cave and successfully navigated past the stirges, confronting the minotaur in the heart of the cave. Very tough battle ensued, complete with half the party being knocked unconscious (and, in Allard’s case, being rubbed on the mintaur’s crotch and tossed across the room).

The minotaur was finally brought down when it backed off to try to charge and gore the party and Big Kev charged it first, sliding underneath and disembowelling it.

XP Earned
x9 kobolds – 675
x1 kobold chief – 250
x1 minotaur – 450



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