The Caves of Chaos

Session 04

Following a rough night sheltering in the Shunned Cavern the party decided it would be prudent to return to Freeside to ensure the orc’s prisoners safe return and to re-equip themselves before venturing further into the caves.

While in town a local merchant promised them discounted merchandise as his daughter was amongst those rescued. They haggled with the local smith who gave them very generous deals on trading in the weapons they took from the orcs in payment for the safe return of the townsfolk (plus him getting first dibs on any loot they return with). Spanky questioned Karl’s acolyte Brother Jenkins regarding his behaviour of late, who advised the party that Karl had been concerned for his flock’s safety and was increasingly interested in Pelor’s more militant aspects. Jenkins also said Nykis had been investigating disappearances before disappearing himself.

Conversations had at the local pub that night, the Cow & Plough seemed to confirm this; many people had disappeared from the town despite the raiding parties never being seen actually near the city limits.

The party returned to the caves the next day, armed and armoured and went straight to the kobold cave, defeating all kobolds they encountered and successfully avoiding the many pit and crossbow traps inside the cave.

The session ended with the dragonshield kobolds in room 4 having been defeated.

XP Earned
x14 kobolds – 1050
x3 elite kobolds – 375
x18 cave rats – 450
x1 dire rat – 100
NPC interaction –
traps disarmed -



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