There’s more than bears and bats inhabiting the caves outside the town of Freeside.

An evil presence grows, people are disappearing and the goblinoid tribes are, if not unifying, then at least co-existing without tearing each others throats out. It’s into this mysterious and hostile environment you descend, seeking answers, fortune, glory, or perhaps just blood on the end of your sword.

Will you lead blade first, or will a stout heart and golden tongue win the day? Better keep your wits about you, because no matter how you seek victory, rest assured evil eyes will be watching you no matter what you do.

On a housekeeping note, I’d love it if you guys, my players, get involved in creating and maintaining content on the site, and just to show you I care, I’ll even offer you a little carrot.

In addition to the standard action-point house rule, I’ll offer an additional bonus to anyone who makes a significant content contribution to this site – that is, more than just creating a blank new page or editing a typo.

Such contributions will be rewarded with your choice of either a narrative advantage or game advantage. In the latter case, it’s as simple as getting an extra d20 on a check, saving throw or similar and picking the higher result of the two d20s you roll – exactly as it works in the rulebook. Alternatively, you can grant disadvantage to an enemy, making him roll 2d20s and choosing the lower result.

In the former case it’s a little more complicated, but potentially more fun. You can, within reason, modify the actual course of the game in some way so as to have fate turn in your favour. For instance, you could say that the ordinarily dour armour merchant got lucky at a card game and offers you a one-time discount to celebrate. Or perhaps that wandering orc patrol gets into an argument right before they blunder into you, allowing you to sneak past or up on them unnoticed.

Naturally, I reserve the right to modify or withdraw these offers should they prove to be breaking the game.

The Caves of Chaos

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