Baron Tarkis the Red

The nominal ruler of the town of Freeside


Baron Tarkis is the self-proclaimed ruler of the town of Freeside. While he’s had some luck in growing the town from its subsistence farming roots, the combination of merchant corruption and the proximity of the Caves of Chaos has meant Freeside’s graduation to an actual city has been effectively halted, and with it Tarkis’ chances of outgrowing his moniker (a reflection of his town’s financial situation, rather than his bloodthirsty nature).

The election of a new merchant guild leader bodes well for Tarkis’ future as baron, but he can hardly benefit from this new leader’s influence when said leader is held captive by the creatures inhabiting the caves outside the town.

Moreover, attacks from these creatures have increased greatly in the past few months and a spate of disappearances from within the town itself has contributed to the raft of problems the Baron has to contend with.

Truly, he has 99 problems – but a bitch ain’t one.

Baron Tarkis the Red

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