Orvold the Dark Priest

The high priest of the Cult of Evil Chaos


AC: 20
HP: 65


2 Snake Staff +6 (1d64)
Mace 4 (1d62 plus 1d8 necrotic)


Snake staff: Can be commanded to wrap around a target on hit, transforming into a python. Target is restrained and cannot move its arms. Can use an action to try to break free on DC14 strength check. If the attempt is successful, the snake transforms back into a staff and falls to the ground.
A second command causes the snake to turn back into a staff and teleport back to its owners hand.

Writhing Darkness: While in the presence of an alter or other religious structure dedicated to a chaotic and evil power, the priest can use his action to create worms of utter darkness to seize and crush his foes.
If a good-aligned creature moves within 30 feet of the alter or begins its turn in that area it must make a DC13 dexterity save or suffer 1d6 unholy damage and -10 penalty to speed for one turn.


Orvold the Dark Priest

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