Ogfang the Gutted

The orc leader of the Bleeding Knees tribe


The orc leader Ogfang was a cunning and suspicious brute. Essentially a leiutennent in Ugslag’s Severed Head tribe, Ogfang’s role of leader of the Bleeding Knees consisted largely of leading the raiding parties that attack Freeside and the surrounding countryside, bringing back spoils and prisoners. Ogfang’s primary objective was the training of the Bleeding Knees, so they can ‘graduate’ to Ugslag’s Severed Heads, whose population is made up entirely of those orcs who have singularly proven themselves in battle.

Ogfang, however, had designs unknown to Ugslag. He had been using prisoners to extend his domain in the caves, and had been seeding the Severed Heads with battle-tested orcs loyal to him. The slaves he had are ostensibly just expanding the cave network, however Ogfang secretly had them looking for the fabled Eye of Grummsh, a holy orc relic thought to be buried in the area.

Ogfang took his opportunity to take over when the party lead the bugbears in laying siege to the Severed Heads. Secreting his loyal orcs out through the cave’s secret rear passage, he left Ugslag and his few remaining subordinates to fend off the attackers. The attack resulted in the Severed Head’s utter defeat, culminating in Ugslag himself being felled in a hail of Bleeding Knees arrows when the orc chieftain broke through the enemy lines in an attempt to exact vengeance on the orcs that had betrayed him.

Ogfang’s success, however, was short-lived. His attempt to attack the bugbears and their temporary allies in the lull shortly after the siege was a failure, with the orcs foolishly charging headlong towards an enemy, although substantially fewer in numbers, rather more skilled at ranged and guerrilla warfare. The failed attack cost him his entire orc army, his leadership, and his life.

Ogfang the Gutted

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