Karl Nykis

Freeside's ranking high priest of Pelor


AC 10, HP 5
Str 11(0), Dex 10(0), Con 11(0)
Int 9(0), Wis 12(1), Cha 12(1)


Karl Nykis is Freeside’s ranking (read: only) priest of Pelor. The majority of the town’s occupants pray routinely to the god of the sun; Freeside’s agricultural background providing a large base of parishioners who pay homage to the god’s aspect as a bringer of light and prosperity.

Nykis is known as an unusually active adherent of the religion; he routinely provides help to his flock in whatever form he can, be it spiritual counselling, blessing a crop field and helping to plow it should hands be short.

The priest’s recent disappearance has caused no small amount of consternation amongst Freeside’s population. Concerns have been raised that he has been captured or worse. The brightest light, they say, often casts the darkest shadow…

Karl Nykis

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