The cunning leader of the bugbear tribe


There are many inspiring leaders in the world, whose words and deeds elicit greatness from their followers. Gat’d is not one of them.

There are many shrewd tacticians, whose battle plans demonstrate an understanding of tactics and strategy like no other. Gad’t is not among these.

There are manipulators whose command of language and insight into others’ motivations make them a boon to their allies and master of treachery to their enemies. Gat’d has difficultly pronouncing the word ‘manipulator’, let alone understanding it.

What Gat’d does have is motivation. From an early age he has been keenly aware of the differences between the promise and bustle of human civilisation and his own squalid cave. He has therefore devoted himself to the study of human traits, tactics and behaviour.

Among bugbears the application of (psuedo)military strategy is far from unheard of, especially when such strategies include the liberal application of guerrilla-style hit-and-run tactics. What is more uncommon is the leading of raids on caravans of scholars and scribes and making off with tomes on every topic from botany to zoology.

Gad’t’s cave is full of such tomes. The fact that he’s still the leader of his tribe is due mainly to the fact that a) his raids always includes the acquisition of more delicious long pig, and b) he’s been careful to read just enough on personal combat to be able to handily defeat any who would challenge him for leadership.


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