Finn Meridian

The new leader of the merchant guild


The new leader of Freeside’s merchant guild is a portly man accustomed to a life of relative luxury (read: not having to toil in the fields all day).

A pragmatist at heart, Finn’s first reaction to adversity is to either run away or pay his way out of it. His wife, Anara, is as much the night to his day though – a strong-willed woman filled with fire and passion.

Naturally Finn and Anara’s incarceration by the bugbears inhabiting the Caves of Chaos has come as something of a shock, especially since their captors had shown no interest in the handsome ransom Finn has offered in exchange for his freedom. Fortunately, a party of adventurers came across them before they could be devoured by their captors and offered to defeat the bugbears enemies, the orcs, in exchange for their prisoners’ freedom.

The orcs defeated, Finn, Anara and their elven bodyguards Shara and Vindil (as well as a dwarf, Maccarn, who happened to also be captive) were turned over to the adventurers. Their rescuers, however, were not as accommodating as they had anticipated. Rather than return them to the relative safety of Freeside, they were led into the darkness of the Bleeding Knees’ former home while the adventurers searched for their belongings and treasure. Said adventurers were less than accommodating of their charges’ opposition to the matter, going so far as to magically silence, they physically knock unconscious Anara when she voiced her opposition.

Finn, Anara and their retinue decided it would be best for them to return to Freeside themselves, rather than suffer the adventurers ‘altruism’ any further.

Finn Meridian

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