Big Kev

Dwarven Fighter


Cousin to the well-known Runeie the tight fisted, Son of Griondi the stone smith. Big Kev is the 13th son and 23rd child of Longshlong the gifted. Big Kev has a typical dwarven love of ale and coin, ties with his family are strained as he opted for a life outside of the family stone smithing trade after completing his apprenticeship. Kev has also had several ongoing feuds with his brothers who are followers of a new faith in Kevs mountainous homeland. Kev was well known in his home area for developing a anti mould lotion for use on used ale kegs, earning him great coin from the more reputable and better known brewers in the mountain lands and the eastern plains were only the best ale is produced. Wanting to live in more opulence, Kev floated his company, Big Kev’s Ltd, on the dwarven and central bank Stock Exchanges. The company initially did well, but eventually ran into major financial problems. Due to Kev’s love of ale and love of many other distractions, he was eventually ousted from his own company, with one of his brothers swindling him out of his fortunes.

With little coin and few in his family he could turn to, he sought a life of adventuring. Kev’s cousin Runeie provided him with adventuring equipment in agreement for a keg of ale every 12 months as well as adequate payment in coin once he was of good fortune again. Kev has since met up with a rather unusual adventuring party and is now on his way to earning some coin.

Big Kev

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