The Caves of Chaos

Session 07

The party went with Gat’d’s assault force to lay siege to the cave of the Severed Heads. Seeing no immediate opposition, the bugbears formed ranks outside the cave. The party scouted the cave entrance, setting traps for the orcs they knew were inside. They set fire to a pile of debris inside the cave, seeking to smoke the opposition out.

It worked, and the Severed Heads streamed forth from the cave, only to be quickly dispatched by the force of nineteen bugbears waiting for them outside. In the end, some seventeen orcs were defeated, including Ugslag the Bloody’s own elite guard, and only five bugbears were lost. Ugslag himself emerged, only to break through the bugbear lines and charge straight towards the cave housing the Bleeding Knees. Spanky and Big Kev pursued him, only to see him killed in a hail of arrows, ostensibly coming from his destination. The party concluded that Ogfang had led a successful coup against his former master, hence why Ugslag was left to defend his home with substantially fewer troops that he previously commanded.

The battle concluded, the party stuck a series of severed orc heads on spikes outside the cave entrance as a warning to the others.

XP Gained
x10 orcs – 1250
x6 elite orcs – 1200
x1 orc chief (Ugslag) – 250



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